Soupy 7 Hour Summer Self Supported Race

August 14, 2021

The Soupy 7

The Soupy 7 Summer Self Supported Endurance race is a loop course in New Quarter Park in Williamsburg, VA. The loop is mostly single track mountain bike trail, 4.43 miles long. Runners will have 7 hours to complete as many loops as they can. The trail is rustic with roots and ravines, but beautiful! 7 laps will equal a 50k, 6 laps a marathon and 3 laps a half marathon. Participants will receive an award for the longest of these distances they achieve! There is also a 1 lap “fun run” that distance is 7k.

The race is self supported, so no food or drink will be provided. The course will be marked and easy to follow. There will be an area to set up tents and coolers. Plan for it to be hot, very hot! I will have some ice water but I will heckle you if you rely on my water!

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