Singletrack Maniac 50k & Cray cray 10k

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about the singletrack maniac 50k & Cray Cray 10k

Started in 2014, the Singletrack Maniac 50k tours the A, D and E trails of Freedom Park. This 31 mile race starts and finishes at Lois Hornsby Middle School in Williamsburg. 25 miles of the 50k distance are single track mountain bike trails, about 4 miles paved and a couple of miles fire road type trails. The course is well marked and includes 2 loops each of the trails. There are 3 aid stations that runners will pass multiple times. The total elevation for the course is approx 3000 ft. The race is limited to 150 participants with a 10 hour cutoff. Race starts at 7am on Saturday, April 9, 2022.

The Cray Cray 10k was set to debut in 2020, but the COVID virus caused a cancellation. The first year was 2021. The course uses the D trail of the 50k course and the race starts at 8am. The race is limited to 50 participants. Runners will be able to finish and still see spouses/friends in the 50k. The course is challenging single track for 5 miles. Plan for at least 2 min per mile slower than your normal 10k pace!

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