My First 50

Freedom Park

My First 50

Saturday, October 14, 2023
7:30 AM


A new race for 2023! This is My First 50. There is an option for a 50k or 50 mile distance. Overall awards will ONLY be given to FIRST TIME 50k and 50 mile runners! You CAN enter if you have run these distances before, but you are not eligible for Overall or Masters awards. This race will be new ultra runner friendly and the race director is available to get you info and answer questions leading up to the race. The course is challenging but doable! This is a small race and will not exceed 100 runners. All racers will get a finisher award, T-shirt, premium aid station fare and finish line goodies. Time limit for the 50 mile is 15 hours (18 min mile pace), there is no time limit for the 50k. The race start is 7:30am and the course will be closed at 10pm. Sunset is around 6pm, sunrise 7:20 or so.

For questions about the race please contact us.

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The course is a loop. Is this an easy trail? NO! Is this an easier trail than running in the mountains? YES! The loop is a little over 10 miles, so there will be 3 loops for the 50k and 5 loops for the 50 mile. Seven miles of the loop will be single track mountain bike trail, 2 miles paved and a bit of doubletrack. Course is technical and scenic, lights will be required in the morning for the first loop and in the evening for the 50 mile runners. More details and a course map as we get closer, but I would guess elevation is about 700 ft per loop, rolling with with switchbacks. 2000ft total in the 50k and about 3500 in the 50 miler. There will be 3 aid station per loop- 3.5 miles, 4.8 miles and 8.5 miles into the loops.


Again...ONLY FIRST TIME 50k and 50 mile finishers are eligible for Overall and Masters awards. The finishers award and T-shirts are guaranteed to be super cool. All are welcome to register and you will be asked if you have completed a 50k or 50 mile before. Please be honest! Special awards will also be given to first local finishers(all eligible) and if it is a 50th birthday event for you that will be heavily celebrated!

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