March Maniac 11 hour-Midnight Maniac 13 hour Endurance Races

About the march and midnight maniac endurance races

These sister races are at the Spring and Fall time changes each year. The March Maniac, March 12-13, 2022, is 11 hours and the Midnight Maniac, Nov. 6-7 2021, is 13 hours. Races start at 7pm and end the following morning at 7am.

Races have minimal support, awards and racers are asked to bring most of their own food and shelter. Tents can be set up in a large field area. A grilled meat/veggie burgers and coffee will be provided along with Tailwind and water. The 3.7 mile loop is crushed gravel and has rolling hills. Each participant will be checked in after each loop and the most total miles will win entry into another Happy Cat race. 50k, 50 mile and 100k finishers will received a handmade medal. Restrooms are available and the parking area is close by. Temperatures tend to be cold. Races are limited to 100 participants.

March Maniac 2022 registration link:

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