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Want a training plan? No can do! I have come to realize that due to varying schedules, equipment access, time commitment, mileage preference, etc etc is very difficult and overly time consuming to create a training plan for offense. I do not believe in cookie cutter programming as each person is VERY different.

I encourage you to find a training plan online that you like. My goal is to help you supplement the plan and work through the mental barriers, injury prevention, cross training and nutrition aspects of your training. When and how far you run is, I believe, not as important. That might sound crazy, but so much of ultra and long distance running is about sustaining your energy throughout the effort and staying mentally tough. Training plans can play to natural talent, time availability, injury resistance, etc. Each person is so different.

Ellen Alexander


Where do we go from here?

Once you find a training plan we can meet in person or online and I will do a $50 consultation appointment. We will talk about your goals, mental state (obviously a little nuts, lol), experience, history, etc. I will take a look at your plan and give you my feedback about it. We will talk about races to put on your schedule leading up to your goal race, cross training options and your injury situation and/or prevention.

Still interested after our consultation? If you want to continue I have a monthly membership. This membership will include 24/7 email support. I will answer any questions you have as best I can throughout your training (no matter how dumb they are). If I do not know the answer I will consult with one of the many contacts I have in the field. I will also send you weekly strength training workouts via email based on YOU. These will have videos so you can follow along. You can stop your membership anytime.

Ultrarunning is hard. We do hard things because life is also hard. Your goal race is important and finishing it will give you confidence and satisfaction. It is also about the journey. Not just the race itself, but the work you put in to get there. It's a win win because even if you "fail" and DNF your race, you STILL had the journey and you learned a hell of a lot about yourself to improve on the next one, I guarantee that. It's all learning, always learning. Like just when you find the perfect shoe, then you realize you are too old to use that shoe anymore and now need cushioning (true story, lol). It's ever changing, adapting,'s a metaphor for life.

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